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Meet Our Team


Taline S
Hair Stylist
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Hello! My name’s Taline, helping people feel beautiful is my passion! My specialties are women’s haircut, fantasy colors and balayage. I’m a lover of everything nerdy and colorful, and I love expressing that through my work and my personality. My love for everything artsy and bright has led me to becoming a fantasy color specialist, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m your gal! I’m working hard towards becoming a special affects artist, and one day I hope to work on films and TV sets. The dream? Doing Marvel movie hair and makeup. Follow my instagram page @talicatpdx.



Melissa G
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My journey as an aesthetician began in Virginia. As we were military, moved so much and finally made it back to the west coast. We ended up in Sandy Oregon. Could not be happier with the choice. Once we move to Oregon I then had to continue my education as an aesthetician and nail technician. I have been successfully accomplishing the skin and nails Industry since 2012! I am overly passionate about skincare. Always looking at the best ways to reach Individual skin goals. I can also guarantee the best wax adventure ever! It is so gratifying to be able to give back, do amazing things for individuals and make a difference in each individual. I’m overly excited to always be leaning and growing as an as Aesthetician.


Alexis W
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I am a classically trained barber and hairstylist, ready to help you feel wonderful and refreshed about your appearance. I started my education in Reno, Nevada, then moved to Hawai’i where I focused on men’s haircuts, hair color, and deep conditioning treatments. Graduated top of my class early and then started working right away. While in Hawai’i I had the great pleasure of working with photographers on shoots, on a TV show, and for several famous designers on fashion shows, as well as weddings. I look forward to meeting new friends and clients here in Portland!


Stephanie S
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Hi there! My name is Stephanie, and I’m just another pesky Californian striving to do her part in keeping Portland weird. I began experimenting with my hair in elementary school and never quite managed stop, much to my grandmother’s chagrin. My love of writing nudged me toward studying English literature, but I decided to pursue a career in beauty after realizing that my lifelong hobby coincided well with my desire to inspire confidence in others, and help create an aesthetic they feel at home in. Little in this world is quite as satisfying as seeing a person made truly happy by your work (though a good book and a mug of Mexican hot chocolate are strong contenders).